Krajowy Klub Iluzjonistów

6th - 8th, October, 2011

Our Polish annual Convention will take place in Lodz (130 km west from Warsaw), at the House of Culture "Lodzki Dom Kultury", Traugutta street 18. The organizers are Society Magical Lodz and Krajowy Klub Iluzjonistow - the only Polish association of magicians, existing since 1976, FISM-member. It is here, in Lodz, where the World Champion FISM 1997 from Russia Netcheporenko started his world career as he received the Grand Prix in our contest in 1990. Another prize winner was the magician from Hungary - SOMA (in 2006), who is now World Champion FISM 2009. In the past years we have had guests from many countries: Germany, France, Italy, Sweden, Norway, Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Hungary, Great Britain, USA, Argentina, The Netherlands and Japan. In the last few years our Guest Stars were: SALVANO, ARSENE LUPIN, AMOS LEVKOVITCH, DANI LARY, NETCHEPORENKO, SERIP, ALEXANDER de COVA , MANUEL MUERTE, PATRICK PAGE, BRANDO & SILVANA, JAY SCOTT BERRY, LISA MENNA , PAVEL, DION, GER COPPER'S BLACK ART, TEL SMIT, YUJI & MARIKO YAMAMOTO, VIKTOR VOITKO, VORONIN, JORGOS, DUO SUDARCHIKOV, BORIS WILD, VLAD KRYVONOGOV, KENJI MINEMURA, ARTHUR TRACE,  JERÔME HELFENSTEIN, SOS & VICTORIA, PRO - PHYL, NORBERT FERRE. Our conventions are rather small, but quite international (usually we have magicians from about 10 - 12 countries). There is a friendly and magical atmosphere, in the time between the programme items everybody can rest for a while, have a cup of coffee or a glass of beer and talk to other magicians about our "passion and profession". The people are friendly, many of us speak English or German, so there are no problems with understanding each other. The prices are low, so you will spend not even half of the money you would have to spend whereelse. And you will see the great magic of our Guest Stars:

MARKO KARVO - Finnland
GAZZO - England
Lee Alex - England

4 lectures guaranteed: 1 by Nestor Hato, 2 by Gazzo and 1 by Lee Alex.
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If you have some questions, please feel free to contact our president Mr. Jerzy Stanek who will answer them:
Mobil: +48 501 47 56 56

Let’s meet in Poland this year! Welcome to magical Lodz!
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